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PaintDotNet Tutorial for Blender-How to create highlights on your support images.

Here’s a short tutorial demonstrating how to achieve this effect on screenshots that you share: The tutorial: Mentioned in the video: zScreen: A fantastic free screenshot taking program. PaintDotNet Advertisements

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Transform Tips

Back when you were young (in BYs*) you learned that to move an object along the global X axis you would hit G, then X. And the same with all the other axes and transformations. But suppose you want to … Continue reading

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Studio lighting setups

I just had an incredibly useful find while reading my RSS feeds today. This golden nugget is a list of example lighting setups for studio portrait photography. Here’s an example of what the page offers: Though the page, and even the whole site is aimed at … Continue reading

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Light Placement Tips

Placing lights in blender can be a bit difficult at times. One very handy way of simplifying placement, is to make your light the active camera and then switching to camera view. Once in camera view, you can very easily pin-point … Continue reading

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This tutorial will demonstrate the technique of creating clothing for 3D characters. I will be creating a tee-shirt for the “George” character available from here. Start off by creating a very simple, extremely low-poly tee-shirt for your character. Make sure … Continue reading

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Tips for Website planning with Blender.

It may have crossed your mind at some time or another that since you are an artist, you should have your own website. But you can’t afford Photoshop, Gimp is too confusing, and paint, well, you just think that it … Continue reading

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