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How to create your own Gas planet using Blender and Photoshop/GIMP

This tutorial consists of 3 main sections. Section 1: How to create your own diffuse and bump map for the gas planet surface. Section 2: How to set up a scene in blender for your gas planet Section 3: How … Continue reading

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‘Proxy’ Meshes

A little bit ago I was building a super highpoly brick wall. I was planning on baking the normals to a lowpoly object to use in a game. But long before I had even half of the wall done, Blender’s … Continue reading

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7 Practical Tips for Pleasing Renders

How would you like to go from this: To this: Notice that the geometry is all the same in the scene (except for plane which got scaled up) The first picture looks very I-Just-Got-This-Cool-Program-Called-Blender-And-Look-What-I-Was-Able-To-Make-!!!!111!!eleven…… The second picture on the other, … Continue reading

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Knurling is a manufacturing process, typically conducted on a lathe, whereby a visually-attractive diamond-shaped (criss-cross) pattern is cut or rolled into metal. This pattern allows hands or fingers to get a better grip on the knurled object than would be … Continue reading

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Tips for Website planning with Blender.

It may have crossed your mind at some time or another that since you are an artist, you should have your own website. But you can’t afford Photoshop, Gimp is too confusing, and paint, well, you just think that it … Continue reading

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