‘Proxy’ Meshes

A little bit ago I was building a super highpoly brick wall. I was planning on baking the normals to a lowpoly object to use in a game. But long before I had even half of the wall done, Blender’s interface starting slowing down because of the high poly count, until it was like swimming through frozen molasses. I wondering if there was a way to make these highpoly bricks temporarily draw the lowpoly models to improve performance. So I asked about, and Scott aka ‘Yodaman921’ gave me a great idea which became the basis for this tutorial.

Before you start, have a Highpoly (hp) and a lowpoly (lp) model ready to work with.

Select your HighPoly (hereafter I will only be using ‘hp’ and ‘lp’) and add it to a new group:

Add the object to a new group

Rename this group to ‘hp’.

Rename the new group to 'hp'

Do the same thing for the lp model but call the group ‘lp’ NOT hp.

You should now have two groups with one object in each.

Next, add an Empty to some unused layer. Add this Empty to a new group called ‘Group Control’. It wouldn’t hurt to rename the empty to that as well.

Next dupligroup the ‘lp’ group. In case you don’t know, this will cause everything in the specified group to appear on top of the object to the currently selected object.

Now create Yet Another Empty on what ever layer you want all these objects to appear on. All that remains is to dupligroup the ‘GroupControl’ group.

Now you may wonder why I’m using two Empties instead of dupligrouping our lp group right off. The reason is that if you have have a ton of empties representing¬† as many lowpoly objects, you would have to go through each one to toggle the highpoly if for whatever reason you wanted to see is. Here all you need to do is to find your GroupControl empty, and changing what group it displays. Since the master empty is actually duplicated the GroupControl empty, everything down the chain comes along. Hopefully this hasn’t been to confusing.

Feel free to download the example file.

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2 Responses to ‘Proxy’ Meshes

  1. David says:

    I was reading your tutorial “Using the sequencer to compile frames into an animation” and I really like your Blender theme, or skin or whatever makes your GUI look pretty sweet.
    Following a quick google search, I have failed to come up with any Blender themes, although I did find the theme button a the top of Blender to change colors.
    Is there somewhere I can find themes like that one online?

    thanks Radialronnie

  2. blendabi says:

    I don’t use the the theme you’re referring to anymore, but I believe it was a slight modification of one of these in this list: http://www.graphicall.org/themes/
    Hope you find something you like!

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