Studio lighting setups

I just had an incredibly useful find while reading my RSS feeds today. This golden nugget is a list of example lighting setups for studio portrait photography.

Here’s an example of what the page offers:


Though the page, and even the whole site is aimed at photographers, the techniques are the same for 3D designers. In addition to example layouts as shown above, the page also defines several lighting terms that you may not have known about. Enjoy this resource and remember, though there are great tips on that page, don’t be limited to what you see there. Go on, experiment, and create your own stunning light setups.

You can view the page at this link.

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3 Responses to Studio lighting setups

  1. Reyn says:

    Thanks! Very informative. Though somehow I’m wondering how you would go about on placing the lights on a height-basis.

  2. blendabi says:

    Yeah, I wondered about that too. Unfortunately the illustrations don’t indicate that. But I do think that it is flexible, and at least on some of them, intuitive. Good luck!

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